Custom Install - Listen In Luxury

16th October 2018

Posted in: Custom Install

A luxury home in London gets an injection of audio from movie night to bathtime



How do you improve a house like this? Add speakers into almost every space! This high-end home in London just had an audio makeover, starting with an amazing home cinema space. 

The home cinema uses our Core C280-IDC in-ceiling speakers (for the left, right and centre), C265-FX in-ceiling speakers (for the rears) and a IWS-10 In-Wall subwoofer.



There’s even more sound throughout the house, including Controlled Performance CP-CT260 in-ceiling speakers in the kitchen, CP-CT150 in-ceiling speakers in the master bedroom, C165-T2 in-ceiling speakers in the bathroom and Climate 60 on-wall speakers in the garden.

Thanks to property developer Higginson Grey and installers Inspire Audio Visual.