Bronze 6 review: Soundstage Access 'Reviewer's Choice'.

15th December 2015

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Reviewed by Hans Wetzel of Soundstage Access

Bronze 6 floorstanding speaker in walnut

Monitor Audio's Bronze 6 floorstanding speaker has been awarded the Soundstage Access Reviewer's Choice; with reviewer Hans Wetzel commending the ability of the Bronze 6 whilst being such an affordable speaker:

"The Monitors soundstaged superbly to re-create the explosive nature of the proceedings, with coherent, convincing center fill, precise imaging, and a surprising sense of depth."

"The speaker’s treble response was clean and extended, without glare or brightness -- but here, too, there seemed to be a slight emphasis in the lower treble that produced commendable sparkle and spaciousness."

"This killer loudspeaker is a high-water mark of audio value."