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Album of the Week - 'The Golden Age'

21st May 2020

Posted in: Playlists

This week, Charles Minett, our Product Design Director, shares his favourite album of the week - 'The Golden Age' by Woodkid.

"I first discovered Woodkid at a music festival in east London a few years back and with the spring of 2020 leaving the thought of many of outdoor listening a distant memory I have been returning to his debut and only album.

French creator Yoann Lemoine presents a simple bold but bold combination of fast paced drums, strings and vocals.

This album is a easy way to escape and is great way to stretch the capabilities of a powerful hi-fi systems, the louder you play it the better it gets!"



About the artist

Woodkid (real name Yoann Lemoine) is a French music video director and singer-songwriter. Before releasing his debut album 'The Golden Age', Woodkid directed music videos for world-renowned artists such as Yelle, Moby, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey and Drake.


About the album

Inspired by his childhood 'The Golden Age' acts as a autobiographical album for Woodkid. Stylish and surrealist, 'The Golden Age' features incredible feasts for the ears such as 'I Love You' and the cinematic 'Run Boy Run'.



How to Listen

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