Album of the Week - 'My Garden' by John Carrol Kirby

7th May 2020

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This week, Jeremy Brown, one of our International Account Managers, shares his favourite album of the week - 'My Garden' by John Carroll Kirby.

"When browsing through the various weekly emails touting new album releases, something usually catches my eye. In this case, having freshly watched Tiger King on Netflix, it was the incredible hairstyle on the album cover.

I am definitely a ‘try before you buy guy’, so, as with most of my eventual music purchases, I listened on Qobuz first and then ordered a physical copy. Upon further reading and listening, I was surprised to see this is an artist I have been familiar with in the past through his collaborations and production work.

My Garden by John Carroll Kirby is best described as a piano jazz album. It is wonderfully smooth, soulful, and most importantly to my taste; a melodic style of jazz. The record landed on my doorstep in perfect timing for the excellent weather we briefly had during lockdown this past week. Enough variety going on throughout the 9 tracks to warrant additional listening to really get the most out of the record."



About the artist

John Carroll Kirby is a producer, composer and keyboardist from Los Angeles, US.

His latest album 'My Garden' comes after working on albums with high profile artists such as Solange, Frank Ocean and Bat For Lashes.


About the album

'My Garden' is a collection of songs written, recorded and produced by Kirby with a soul-jazz and new age sound that toes the line between easy listening to a deep dive.



How to Listen

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