Airstream S200 review: Trusted Reviews 'Recommended'

12th December 2014

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Further praise for our versatile streaming speaker!

Reviewer Danny Phillips has tested our Airstream S200 Speaker. A glowing review that earns the S200 an impressive score of 9/10.

"Monitor Audio has a knack for elegant, luxurious design and the S200 continues that trend. It's a 274mm-high block that curves back at the top, with black cloth on the front and a charcoal grey back end, or white with grey cloth, depending on which colour option you've chosen. The sparkly toughened-glass top panel serves no purpose, but looks nice. It's an unusual-looking speaker, but we like it."

Looking more into the features... "The S200 leaves few wireless stones unturned. Heading the bill is AirPlay support, which lets you stream music from Apple devices or a PC/Mac running iTunes on the same network as the S200. You can also stream music from DLNA servers, all thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connection."

"Don't let the S200's diminutive size fool you – this compact speaker belts out a big sound. But it's not just the power that impresses. There's a sense of refinement, openness and subtlety that you don't always get from a £200 speaker."

On awarding the S200 a Trusted Reviews Recommended title, Danny concludes with the following:

"With a hugely generous range of features, gorgeous build quality and stunning sound, the super-stylish S200 feels like an absolute bargain for the money. Support for AirPlay, DLNA, Bluetooth and Airstream Direct – plus USB playback and a 3.5mm input – give you plenty of connectivity options, and owners of Apple devices will find it very easy to set up and use. Monitor Audio's compact wireless speaker boasts generous wireless connectivity, sumptuous styling and sound quality to die for. At £200, it's an absolute no-brainer."

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