Airstream S200 review: Stuff Magazine Review

14th November 2014

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"There are many ways to stream your music to the Monitor Audio Airstream S200 - but all sound great"

Stuff, the world's biggest selling gadget magazine, has been enthralled by our S200 wireless streaming speaker:

"All the inputs in the world would be irrelevant if the Airstream S200 sounded mundane. But, of course, it doesn’t. It sounds remarkable for the money, belting out a spacious, confident sound that, while quite capable of being ballsy, is subtle too, when it needs to be. That authority is enhanced by a surprising and welcome amount of bass oomph"

The S200's audio ability, versatile streaming options and eye catching design have resulted in a Full Five Stars from this glowing review.

"The Monitor Audio Airstream S200 is a bit of a hero. It will handle pretty much anything you care to stream at it, and it sounds brilliant into the bargain.

What’s more it dares to look different at the same time as providing all the quality and features a modern wireless speaker needs to have."

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