The WCBOX-L (large) allows you to install in-wall speakers into brick or concrete walls.

With the front and rear Fermacell boards, the WCBOX-L will seamlessly integrate into your installation workflow, enabling a quick and easy processing of the walls surface. The body material is framed by EPS to achieve low resonances and improved sound insulation features.

The WCBOX-L is lightweight and at the same time offers a robust stability with excellent shock absorption features.

Included in delivery (per piece):

  • 1 WCBOX-L (WCBOX-L with Filler-Set)
  • 1 protective cardboard lid
  • 1 installation manual
  • 1 cardboard packaging

Dimensions (H x W x D)

590 × 435 × 120mm

Cut-Out Dimensions

Max. 470 × 315mm

W165 / W265 / W180 / W280 / W280-IDC / W380-IDC / CP-WT150 / CP-WT260

Internal Volume


Product Video