The CMBOX-R (regular) is a Back Box made of MDF, which allows you to install speakers from our Slim, Core and All Weather CI ranges into the ceiling.

The CMBOX-R comes with Small and Large Ring (Fitted) adapters, which can also be removed.

Compatible speakers - C180C180-T2C280C280-IDCC380-FXC380-IDCAWC280, AWC280-T2CS160, C165C165-T2C265C265-IDCC265-FX, CS180AWC265AWC265-T2

Overall Dimensions

300 x 350 x 160 mm (1113/16 x 133/4 x 65/16")

Cut-Out Dimensions

Small Ring
173 mm (613/16")

Cut-Out Dimensions

Large Ring (Fitted)
218 mm (89/16")

Cut-Out Dimensions

No Ring
250 mm (913/16")

Internal Volume

12.2 L


5.2 kg (11 lb 7 oz)