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Radius - Stylish and Versatile

Our Radius Series gives you luxury lifestyle design, exceptional room-friendly aesthetics and the immersive audio quality that all music and home cinema enthusiasts crave.

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Perfect chemistry of design & performance

With its jewel-like size and lustre, Radius’ appeal is truly timeless, but its flexibility and performance set new standards. Radius subwoofers and satellites owe their extraordinary sound quality to break-through engineering by Monitor Audio’s design team. In all but the diminutive Radius 45, the range utilises C-CAM drivers throughout.


Technical features

C-CAM is Monitor Audio’s signature driver material, which has been refined over many years and features in all of our award-winning speakers.

Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium is an innovative material originally developed by the aerospace industry for use as blades in jet engines.

It has ideal qualities as a driver cone, being extremely light but also very strong – it doesn’t bend like more conventional materials. This means you hear clearer, wider, more dynamic sound, even at high volumes.

Bass Drivers

Our bass drivers feature concave cone profiles, introduced by our top-of- the-range Platinum speakers. The key design breakthrough for Radius is the integration of new cone geometry and drive mechanisms, involving a continuous radiating dish innovatively coupled to a more efficient drive assembly.

Unlike traditional driver cones, the voice-coil of the Radius drivers sits beneath the cone rather than protrude through it, permitting a completely unbroken driver surface for greatly improved strength and fidelity.

Extensive research and FEA modelling have allowed us to perfect the relationship between the radiating diaphragm and its motor design, introducing larger motor sizes and voice coils for increased excursion, higher power capability and reduced distortion.

HiVe II Port Design

Straight from Platinum’s design blueprint, the HiVe II reflex port makes its Radius debut. It’s shaped to have the same effect on airflow as a gun-barrel on a bullet. Rifled grooves inside the port help to accelerate the flow and reduce turbulence, so air moves in and out of the port more efficiently, for a faster more dynamic bass response.