RS1 AV - (Eingestellt)


Years Active 2005-2009

The best A/V speaker systems demand exceptional performance from every component

The strength of RS series design and engineering makes it easy to assemble a high quality five or seven channel loudspeaker system that’s perfect for any room. Sharing driver, crossover and cabinet technologies, the RS speakers will provide exceptional tonal accuracy, transparency and wide bandwidth response in any combination, transcending the experience of sound through two channels to generate a tangible sense of ‘being there’.

Comprising RS1, RS-LCR, RS-FX, and RSW-12, the award-winning RS1AV is a jewel of a system, ideal for medium sized rooms. Its compact beauty will enhance any décor, but when the lights go down the engineering takes over: a wonderfully dynamic and synthesised surround sound field will draw the entire family into the action. Its incredibly natural focus, dimension and speed will make the room seem to disappear! The slightly larger RS6AV system replaces the RS1 with RS6 speakers left and right, but by sharing the same driver technologies, they gel with the system components as effectively, giving you more resolution, potency and scale than you should expect from a package so slender in shape and price.

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