R90 AV12 - (Eingestellt)

R90 AV12

Years Active 2006-2008

Available in Black Lacquer, Video Silver and Walnut finishes, the new R90AV-12 system adds plummeting bass drive and greater vocal intelligibility to an established class-beating compact surround system.

To the four diminutive R90 satellites, famed for their genuine hi-fi performance, we’ve blended the wider R225 as a centre-channel speaker and the potent RSW-12 active subwoofer, equipped with a rugged 300 mm (12”) C-CAM driver and 500 W of raw power. Consequently, the R90AV-12 has everything for lovers of music and film: fabulous Monitor Audio engineering and build quality; ultra-compact dimensions and a choice of finishes to enhance any room; and a sound whose stature and integrity eclipses systems twice its size.

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R90 AV12