R270 AV12 - (Eingestellt)

R270 AV12

Years Active 2006-2008

A wide choice of finishes and grille colours and shared driver, crossover and cabinet technologies allow you to mix and match Radius loudspeakers for system solutions which meet your needs precisely all around the home.

Blend the slender R270s with the R225 as a centre-channel speaker and use R180s from the wall or stand as surround speakers.

Underpin the wide and detailed sound stage with the subterranean girth of the amazing RSW-12 active subwoofer and you have the acclaimed R270AV-12 system. It’s the ideal blend of décor-sensitive design and sonic potency that provides the explosive action you expect from home theatre without the cost to living space. With Radius, perfect sound comes in many shapes and colours. All you have to do is choose.

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R270 AV12