GSW12 - (Eingestellt)


Years Active 2006-2010

The GSW12 powered subwoofer combines state-of-the-art components and a compact enclosure for placement flexibility, with unique system tuning versatility and remote control operation.

The GSW12 subwoofer features a 600-watt amplifier with an advanced switch mode power supply, an ultra-long throw 12-inch C-CAM driver with a 3-inch diameter voice coil and a triple suspension system in an acoustic suspension cabinet.

The GSW12 delivers deep, loud, and articulate bass down to 18Hz. Its compact size thunderous performance, and availability in our beautiful Gold Signature veneers and lacquer finishes make this sub perfect for in-cabinet or in-room applications.


  • DSP Control: All functions of the GSW12 are controlled in the digital domain, providing more advanced control of complex filter characteristics than conventional analog circuitry.
  • Remote Control Operation: All main features and setting adjustments can be assessed by remote control including: Mute, Power/Standby, LFE/Stereo Input, Night Mode (so loud passages will not exceed a pre-set threshold), and Preset and User Adjustable EQ Modes. The GSW12 has a front-mounted IR remote control receiver with LED to indicate remote actuation.
  • Top-mounted Control Panel with Backlit LED Display: This LED display provides full visual feedback of the amplifier settings. The default display will show the EQ settings, output volume, and graphic output display (constantly changing). When the enter button is pressed on the remote control or the control panel encoder knob is pushed down, the Omenu¹ system is displayed. All settings can be accessed via the top-mounted control panel by pushing and/or rotating the encoder knob.
  • Preset EQ Modes plus a User Adjustable EQ Setting: The GSW-12 subwoofer features four preset EQ modes and one user adjustable EQ setting accessed by the top-mounted panel or remote control. Here are the preset EQ modes:
  • Movie: Boosts output of frequencies from 20 Hz-50 Hz providing maximum impact for movie presentation
  • Music: A Oflat¹ response designed to complement accurate music presentation.
  • Dynamic: A low boost response for low distortion and a tight, accurate presentation. This setting may be helpful in systems installed in smaller rooms.
  • Impact: This setting provides maximum boost from 40 Hz optimizing all available power output to provide maximum SPL. This may be of particular use where Oslam¹ is required.
  • The user adjustable 10-band graphic equalizer has a +/-6 dB adjustment in steps of 0.5 dB providing the ability to Onotch out¹ or Oboost¹ anomalies in the frequency response caused by room modes or positioning constraints.
  • Adjustable Low-pass Crossover Control: Adjustable from 40-120Hz with variable slope adjustment from 6-54 dB/octave to provide better system integration with a wide range of speaker applications.
  • Adjustable sub-sonic filter from 16-31 Hz: Variable slope adjustment from 6-54 dB per octave to provide further limiting of low frequencies to ensure valuable power is not wasted and directed to frequency areas where it can be of most use in a particular application.

600 Watts (RMS) 1200 Watts (Peak)


40Hz - 160Hz
Variable slope characteristic from 6 - 54dB/Octave


16, 25 & 31Hz
Variable slope characteristic from 6 ­ 54dB/Octave


4 x Preset
1 x User Set


Graphic 10 Band Equaliser. 6dB in 0.5dB steps

Digitale Lautstärke

-80 ­ 0dB in 1dB Increments

Anforderungen an Auto-Sensing-Eingang

Line Level >5mV (RMS)5 ­ 25 minutes, user adjustable.


Sealed Cabinet with 25mm M.D.F construction bracing. Sealed amplifier


Class- D amplifier, with SMPSU (switch mode power supply) and DSP control


1 x 12” C-CAM® sub-woofer driver featuring triple suspension and 4² long throw voice coil.

Abmessungen (H x B x T)

405 x 390 x 462 mm 
(16 x 15 3/8 x 18 1/4 inch)


28 Kg (61.5lbs)


100 -120Vac, 220 - 240 Vac (Automatically selected)


For countries with 220 ­240Vac supply use: 4A/250V 20MM UL/VDE. For countries with 100 ­ 120Vac supply use: 8A/250V 20MM UL/VDE


3.5mm Jack input, +12Vdc = On State

Codesystem für Universal-Fernsteuerungen

NEC SH6122