GSLCR - (Eingestellt)


Years Active 2006-2010

Amazing as it may seem, a centre speaker may be required to reproduce over 60% of the entire output of a film soundtrack. 

This means that it must deliver the dramatic impact of explosions and sound effects as precisely as it recreates the many tonal subtleties of dialogue. The outstanding dynamic reach and generous power handling of the Gold Signature LCR speaker allow it to master the most dynamic drive conditions with ease and still have something in reserve.

Monitor Audio has optimised the design to provide accuracy and control over a wide listening area while preserving the exact tonal signature and balance of the GS Series. This means that the GSLCR will integrate perfectly with any of the speakers in the Gold Signature range.


  • Anti-resonance build: driver held by innovative zinc alloy clamp system; traditional tongue and groove construction; extensive vertical and radial internal bracing.
  • 6 1/2 inch die-cast aluminium chassis bass and bass-mid drivers featuring a new Rigid Surface Technology RST II, C-CAM alloy cone profile.
  • A 1” C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter extends high frequency performance to beyond 40kHz.
  • Bespoke stands: for the GS10 and GSLCR with a die-cast alloy base (as GS20) and cable management for a neater finish.

40 Hz - 45 KHz

Empfindlichkeit (1W@1M)

89 dB


8 Ohms

Maximaler Schalldruck

110 dBA

Belastbarkeit (RMS)

150 W

Empfohlene Verstärkerleistung

40 - 150 W


Sealed Enclosure


2.7 KHz


2 x 61/2” RST II bass/mid-range driver. 
1 x 1” (25 mm) C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter

Äußere Abmessungen (H x B x T)

206 x 560 x 230 mm 
(81/8 x 221/16 x 91/16 inch)


12.5 kg (27.5 lb)