BR5 AV - (Eingestellt)


Years Active 2006-2010

Nothing quite beats the sensory excitement generated when audio and video are expertly combined.

A blend of matched high performance driver technology, exceptional build quality and gorgeous matching finishes is the recipe for surround sound magic from the five-channel Bronze Reference systems.

Their wide-band response and low distortion topology will resolve the clarity of multi-channel DVD-A and SACD and the brilliant detail of even the most complex film soundtracks, liberating the chilling suspense of subtle effects as well as the full-blown impact of action scenes. The compact BR2AV system marries the BR2 speakers with the BRLCR, the diminutive BRFX surround speakers and the awesome BRW10 active subwoofer.

The BR5AV system is not sold as an individual package.

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